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Searching Online For Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

Searching Online For Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

I have just spent most of the day looking for cheap motor trade insurance. It is not really my job, but as my boss has little idea about how to use the internet, he decided that I was more than qualified since I seem to spend so much time on it during the working hours. This was a bit of a shock, as I was under the impression that I kept my surfing well hidden. I guess the boss is more aware of what I get up to during the day than I thought.


He was right about one thing, I am good at finding things on the internet, and as he asked for the best deal on insurance for the motor trade, I found him a good deal. Well, I actually found three, as not all insurance policies are the same. I printed all the relevant information and handed it to him. That way it looks like he gets to make the final decision, which will make him feel important. There is no use myself trying to look cleverer than him, especially as my pay rise will be up for discussion some time during the next month.

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